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Hanna Salzer


I have two passions: Film and Therapy. Trough mindfulness I connect these two passions. In my work I like to strenghten you to give expression to what is deeply moving you in words and moving images.


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In my consulations I like to support your mindful side. Together we strenghten your self responsibility for your life. I work with methods from the Systemic Therapy, ACT (Acceptance & commitement), EFT (Emotion focused) and with mindfulness. I offer english consultation.

documentary film


In my documentary films I portrait people in every day life. I like to open discussions about personal issues, thoughts, way of living.

Watch some of my movies on the "DOKUMENTARFILM" - side!

mindful parenting


In the "mindful parenting" approach you learn to behave in a mindful way with your family. You have the possibility to get to know your baby/child/wife/husband in a new and sensitive way. This workshops will definitely reduce stress in your every day life.  

cinematic biography


Do you have the wish to capture your actual or/and past life in (moving) pictures and sounds? Do you like to give a part of your life to your family, friends and colleagues? It's good and challenging to work on a video-biography and gives you a overview of what you have and what you do and how unique you are! 


mindful circles


In a womancircle, ritualcircle or a self wished circle I like to support you to exchange thoughts, feelings and experiences. We connect ourselves and the circle to an all-embracing energy. 

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